It’s November and cooling off. Since I live in Texas that doesn’t equate to much. A slight coolness and shorter days. For others, it can be much more severe. However, this is the time of year that everyone should be reminded of a few things – which I’m sure we all know we can’t escape.

1. That body you’re in –it’s the only thing you will ever have that cannot be sold, traded, dumped, or ditched. I apologize to your significant other but this is the hard fact. Even a relationship can be lost. However, when you lose your health (in that one and only body) then you’re — well, dead. Right?

So – take care of that temple that you’re a prisoner of. Why? Because you have no choice! I just came back from a six mile ralk (run/walk). My kids still call it a run but the better term would probably be wog (walk/jog). I’d recommend either walking, jogging, or biking to anyone that can do so. Even if you have to do so inside on a treadmill or stationary bike…or go to a gym. I like to be outside, so unless it’s freezing or raining, that’s always my preference. But if you can’t do those things, try swimming or yoga. There are probably tons of options, just pick one.

2. Your SANITY is directly related to how well you take care of that body. Especially in the cooler months when the weather tends to affect our moods more but all year it matters.  Exercise will increase your brain power and reduce tendencies toward depression and anxiety, that’s a fact.  So, if you’re a writer like me, it will keep the creative juices flowing. To be honest, this is my primary reason for doing it. It not only keeps the engine running in this rusted old body of mine, but well –it helps to keep the ideas coming, solves the world problems I deal with on a daily basis, and keeps me grounded.

Is it VANITY to also want to look good? A lot of people exercise in order to gain muscle mass and look sexy, which are also great reasons. Does it matter? Only to the ones that don’t do it and are looking for a reason to ridicule those that do. The truth is, whether you’re gorgeous (or a hunk) or not, you WILL certainly look even better and feel better by getting out there and forcing yourself to get the blood pumping a bit. Start out slow, start out easy, but START NOW. The motive doesn’t matter. The results do.

Like I said, you can’t trade in the body you have, so you might as well do your best to make it last as long as possible and serve you as best as possible.

Now, the PROFANITY…because well, if you’ve read my books –you know that I have a pension for throwing in a few choice words here and there. Mainly because sometimes it just fits. I’m sorry but if my hero is truly mad, saying “oh darn” just doesn’t cut it. Same goes for if he’s scared shitless. See? I can’t help myself. Be honest, though, that’s more scared than just saying “I was sooo scared”. For some reason, when a person thinks those things but then tempers it by saying a less offensive word it feels completely disingenous. But, I just digressed down a path that I shouldn’t have. There is a point to it.

The point is….

Get off your ass, put on your running or walking shoes, and GO GET SANE, VAIN, and PROFANE. Unless of course, the profanity bothers you and then you have my permission to skip that part. 😉

Have Fun and Keep Me Posted on YOUR SUCCESS.