Do you ever notice random, little things that people do (or don’t do) that are sweet or endearing? Today I woke and looked in the mirror at my disheveled hair falling all over my face, and the shirt of my pajamas hanging off a shoulder and I laughed.

I rubbed my eyes and went to the kitchen to make coffee, where my daughter walked in –with the same look. However, she’d accentuated it with the tag of her pajamas hanging out the back of the shirt. I lovingly tucked it back into the neckline as she batted my hand away.

My husband followed, grabbed a cup, said “Good Morning” and rushed back out…with his hair matted and sticking straight up in the back.

Then we all transformed into the people the world sees us as –completely put together, clean and combed, and nicely made up. And it made me THINK…

What are the endearing little things about people that we like to read about in books (much of which are snippets of real life)?

Here’s a few that I notice:

  • Making to do lists
  • Losing the┬áto do lists
  • Wild Hair
  • Tripping, then checking to see if someone saw it
  • Spilling coffee, latte, or water on self
  • Watching someone do these things and smiling because you love them and it makes them…human
  • Stretching, one of world’s nicest luxuries
  • Scratching random “places” (no, not that– like pulling off a hat, and scratching one’s head)

What about you? Tell me the cute little things that people do in your life.