Today’s Spotlight is on Wareeze Woodson, author of Conduct Unbecoming a Gentleman


Why do you write?

I write historical romance, mostly Regency at present but I love all historical romance. I also read a great deal of historical romance as well.

I write because I must. I like creating places and scenes where characters do and say what I want them to say. LOL. Most of the time, my characters pay no attention to what I want, think, or feel.

What’s your favorite genre? Do you have a favorite author?

I read most any genre, but historical, medieval forward is my favorite. Elizabeth Thornton is my favorite author of all time.

To be successful as an author, what do you see as the main goal?
To be a successful author, you must write what the reader wants to read. The book must be interesting and drawing the reader in on the first page.

What inspires you and how do you channel it when you need inspiration?
I like to live in a story completely in another time and place. That is my happy place.

What advice can you give to aspiring authors?
You must study the craft and the craft is always changing. Never quit learning and try, try try. Never give up.

What advice would you give to the youth of today (not just authors)?
There is nothing for free. Work and be proud. Make your own way and life’s blessings will come your way.

What’s on your bucket list?
Reworking my next book of course.

Tell us about your book:

Final Conduct Unbecoming of a Gentleman copy(1)

Recently widowed Lady Laurel Laningham flees Landings to escape her untenable position. Alone now and at the mercy of her sister-in-law, she decides to nestle under her aunt’s wings for a spell. To add to her burdens, her young son’s new guardian, Lord Adron Gladrey, has announced his intentions to take complete charge of his ward. The killer is stalking her and a devious jewel thief is stealing the family jewels. Can she convince her son’s guardian she is not a dangerous lunatic and is perfectly capable of raising her son or will he always consider her untrustworthy as a mother to his ward? Will his stubborn blindness send her straight into the path of the murderer, or will he relent in time to save her from following her husband into the grave?

What would you like people to know about you:

I love to read and write historical romance. I live in Texas married to my high-school sweetheart. Four children and eight grandchildren later, we still love each other until death do us part. That is the backbone of romance, happy every after.