I live on the edge…

Of Houston,TX that is. It’s a great place to be. You can enjoy all the perks of big city life, yet still get away and enjoy a little bit of ruraldome.  We’ve had all sorts of wildlife out here on the edge. Bobcats, wild hogs, raccoons, coral snakes, possums, armadillos, and not to be outdone…a few human not-so-greats. Which is why we have several HUGE dogs.

Last night life got very exciting when a baby raccoon decided to venture toward our back yard to snack on the dog food. Normally the dogs don’t notice but the weather’s been cold and they are pretty frisky. As I said, we have big dogs….as in 150 lbs plus (english mastiffs). The oldest male decided to protect his territory (or maybe just his meal) and chased the big bad baby raccoon. The raccoon thinking himself smart, lunged into the swimming pool and started to swim for safety. Little did he know, our dogs are swimmers. In fact, they use the pool more than we do in the heat of the summer. So, not to be stymied, the dog dove after the raccoon and the fight was on. In the deep end, squealing, barking, splashing and four different colors of fur plus sharp teeth were flying everywhere. Hubby was scrambling to save the raccoon from the dog only to be yanked around like a rag doll and nearly drowned. It was quite the wrestling match

I had just told everyone that our big dog was getting old and may not make it another year. Now I’ve realized that he’s fine and very fit…just milking the attention he gets by limping around when we’re watching.

Smart Dog.