Hello Becky! Thanks for joining me…



Why do you write?

Because I have to quiet the voices in my head.


Whats your favorite genre? Do you have a favorite author (if so, please tell us the name)?

I love contemporary romances, historical romances and time-travel. My three favorite authors are reflective of my genre choices. Nora Roberts, Julia Quinn and Jude Deveraux.


To be successful as an author, what do you see as the main goal?

To write a book that someone other than your friends and family will read.


What inspires you and how do you channel it when you need inspiration?

I take inspiration from everywherea snippet of overheard conversation, a thirty-foot high billboard, a great line from a TV show, even the choices the person in front of me at the grocery check out line made. I catalog these various ideas away in my head and pull them out when theyll fit into a manuscript.


What advice can you give to aspiring authors?

There are very few authors who go from nobody to famous overnight. Most of us realize this career is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep learning and keep writing. It will all fall into place when its supposed to.


What advice would you give to the youth of today (not just authors)?

Dont be in a rush to grow up. Enjoy your youth.

Whats on your bucket list?

Im one of those strange individuals who doesnt have a bucket list. I heard the other day someone said her husband had a bucket list but all she had was a bucket. I guess Im one of the bucket brigade.


Tell us about your book:




The Road To Comfort came about from that thirty-foot billboard I mentioned earlier. We were speeding down the Pennsylvania turnpike, and that little snippet was all I read before we were past it. So my mind began to spin at the same rate our tires were. What if someone went on a road trip to the middle of nowhere by themselves? To the middle of Comfort? I dont know where the idea to name the hero Cyclone came from, but once I thought of that name, I knew he had to be my hero.


What would you like readers to know about you?

Ive been fortunate enough to live in many parts of the country. I dont think you can get to know a state unless you actually take up residence in it for awhile. I didnt realize it at the time, but I was really doing research for my books. One of my old roommates told me she recognized the apartment I was using in one of my books as the one we shared when we first moved to DC. So no past experience was without value. Right now, my sister and I are living in Ohio, the state we grew up in. And we share the home with my puppy-mill rescue dog, Mary. Or rather, Mary shares the home with us.


Book Blurb:


Juliette St.James has only done two impetuous things in her life, and the first resulted in her becoming a single parent at age 18. Now, she’s embarking on a cross-country trip to celebrate becoming an empty-nester. Not sure of what she will do now that she’s flying solo, she comes face-to-face with her worst nightmare—a cowboy.


Cyclone Kelley is a former rodeo cowboy who has broken one too many body parts to continue on the rodeo circuit. But the one body part that can’t be fixed by putting it into a cast is his heart, which was broken when his wife died. He wasn’t home to save her, and feels he’s unworthy for any kind of lasting relationship with a woman, so his life has been a meaningless string of one-nighters.


One broken car and an equally broken cowboy later, they are forced to decide if love is worth gambling on what could be. Or if tornadoes, and Cyclones, are better left alone.