I attended a Houston Astros baseball game recently where I was educated on certain things regarding texting relationships. This discussion came after mentioning my upcoming book release. I realized very quickly I am a DINOSAUR when it comes to texting knowledge and perhaps that’s a good thing.

My friend’s daughter maintains friendships via texting with several guys plus has a romantic interest in one (or perhaps two) of them. My daughter also has a healthy texting conversation style a.k.a. she texts a lot.

Lesson Learned: Just because a guy texts you doesn’t mean he’s interested in you.

There’s also this thing called double-texting which consists of sending two consecutive texts. Double-texting usually occurs when a guy IS interested and wants you to answer. Normally he will send a single text and wait for you to answer. If you don’t, he’ll move on to another conversation. If he’s interested he’ll text twice regardless.

Lesson learned: Double Texting equates to more than a casual interest and is good.

If the guy is really interested, he’ll triple-text you. If you like him back, that’s a decent sign he’s hooked…or a stalker.

Lesson learned: Triple-Texting indicates he’s potential relationship material…or scary if you aren’t interested.

Oh…and this was a little tid-bit I found funny…emoticons can say a lot depending on which ones are used and how.

For instance:

Multicolored flowers: I like you (as in friend)

Red roses: I like you (as in more than friend)

Lots of smiling faces…you make me happy

A wink or double wink…I want your body

Kisses and hearts are pretty self-explanatory.

Now that I have been educated, I’m fairly sure that I’ve propositioned (winked at) my mother and daughter, as well as told a few strangers that I like them or they make me happy…YIKES.

Do you know other ways that texting is used that I might be completely botching?




Shelley K. Wall