Miss Townsend, welcome. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us.

So lovely to meet you as well. I’m delighted to be here. Please call me Juliet.

Perhaps you can tell us more about yourself?

I am the youngest of the Townsend sisters. My elder sister, Anne has been married two years to Mr. Nathaniel Matthews. My sister, Sophia and I live with them now at The Lodge. It’s such a beautiful area.

Have you had the chance to visit London?

I’ve had two seasons in London. I hated the place. It’s crowded. It smells. Balls are so crowded that you cannot move. My sister got all the attention, but I didn’t mind. I knew I’d dance at least two dances with Mr. Tony Matthews. (Juliet’s eyes go all dreamy). I’ve liked him forever.

Surely there was something to like of London.

The museums and the circulating libraries were a delight. I loved going to the bookshops.

Now that season is over, are you happy to be home in Beetham?

Yes! I’m delighted. Beetham is beautiful in early spring. The air is fresh. I’m not struggling to breathe. I have access to Nathaniel’s delightful library.

Most young ladies love London for it’s diversions. What do you find to do with your time in Beetham?

I’m helping a dear friend. Her family has come upon hard times. The landlord is threatening to evict them. His steward is the most disgusting man. You would not believe what he’s done. He has threatened my friend.

Rumor has it that you are partial to a certain gentleman who has returned to Beetham. Care to elaborate?

Juliet blushes. Mr. Tony Matthews and I are friends, nothing more. He is helping me with Penelope’s problem. I love watching him work outside. His arms are so strong.

A handsome man, then. How did you fall in love?

Perhaps. I have always loved Tony. At first he was interested in my sister, Sophia. Then things changed and we became more friends. When he came home this time, things really changed. He kissed me. I had to ask him to, but it was so divine. I could kiss him forever.

Were there rough patches in your growing relationship?

There always are, aren’t there? Tony is addicted to gambling. He things he can quit, but I’m not so sure. It has ruined both our families at one time or another. I just didn’t think I could live with a gambler. I couldn’t risk losing him and all we have to a game. What if we had children? What would happen to them?

What changed your mind?

Tony did. He promised me he wouldn’t game any longer and he hasn’t. He made right his mistakes regardless the cost. He has shown me he is an honorable man who can be trusted.

It sounds like you’ve found your Prince Charming.

I was lucky enough to marry my first love.

Thank you for meeting with us, Miss Townsend. We wish you every happiness.

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