I posted this once before as part of a multi-segmented blog. I liked it so much, I thought I’d share again. Hope you enjoy!

This excerpt is from a local High School coach to his freshmen athletes. I thought it so inspiring, I wanted you to read it. Why? Because I feel pretty strongly about taking chances when opportunities arise and giving your best effort to them.

“Some people have gone through life getting chance after chance; amazingly these same people fail perhaps because of a lack of effort, or a lack of motivation. Whatever the reason may be, we must always go at life and seize every opportunity that we know is for us the first time that they are presented to us. Too many times we rely on giving lackadaisical efforts on our first attempts because we feel as though we will have another chance to do better, and make it up, if our first attempt isn’t successful.

We have to remember that tomorrow is never promised to anyone, so we must give all that we can give in what we are doing right now. We have no room to half- do anything, because we may never have the chance to re-do what half-did… Don’t be intimidated, insecure, or lazy, work hard with determination, and never rely on a second chance to get the job complete.” –James S.

Why do I find that so inspiring? So many people are presented with an opportunity to do what they have always wanted to do and they…hesitate. Perhaps they lack the confidence to go forward, or just plain don’t know how or think they’ll do it later when they have more time or money. No one ever achieved anything by doing nothing…but everyone achieves something by doing something. And normally one’s success is directly associated with their effort, not necessarily their bank account. It would be a sad testament to our life to be too old to go for our dreams because we didn’t seize them when the opportunity arose.