Yes, Tankless!

Ever heard of the tankless water heater? So cool. Heats your water with 90% less gas than the old kind. It’s awesome and incredibly efficient and we’re getting one!

SO….I’m going tankless too (no, not topless…silly). As in, I have no intention of tanking at writing so will march forward. I try not to be annoying with the book promos, but could certainly use a boost on some of them. My favorite so far? My new book, Flood, Flash, and Pheromones  has received several terrific four and five star reviews but I need MORE.

ALSO Chloe’s Secret is coming out next week(Wednesday, October 2nd)…It’s my publisher’s favorite. To celebrate going tankless, I am giving away copies…send me an email address and I’ll send you a free read with hopes you’ll kindly and honestly review the book. Or just sign up for my emails on my website and get even more freebies.


Here’s what some are saying about Flood Flash and Pheromones:

“Intense and Compelling”

“Shelley Wall has written an action-packed, sexy novel that will have you rooting for the heroine Cassie and not quite trusting any of the characters who invade her life along with Hurricane Amy. “

“An engaging read that sweeps the reader along with Cassie and Greg on a wet, wild rollercoaster ride of mystery and suspense”

“…a gripping tale filled with danger, murder and intrigue. Spicy romance is stirred into the mix as well”

“…couldn’t put it down!”

And here’s a comment on Chloe’s Secret from my very first reader (other than the editors):

“The book made me laugh, cry and definitely want to buy a motorcycle. “

Amazon Link For FFPH: