Cover art is a touchy subject for authors. I would imaging musicians also are picky about the cover for their next “label”. This is the first point of contact your art has with the world. The first impression. According to statistics the cover art of a book has a 30% impact on whether someone chooses to purchase-that’s HUGE.

I came across the article below on bookbub and thought I’d share. It’s a great list of successful tips for choosing the right cover art.

After reading, I have decided that my next cover will haveĀ  three women sitting on a beach peeking over their sunglasses. They’ll have a couple of dogs at their side and will be ogling a shirtless guy making sand castles or perhaps digging clams with an adorable little kid. There will be 4th of July fireworks going off at dusk over the water…and a quirky “chick-lit” sign in the background that displays the book name. That would cover all the bases and make it a sure-fire hit!

Yes, I’m having a little fun with this…but I encourage you to read this article…the advice is good and based on proven statistics for successful cover art. Take a peek and see if it helps you choose…