Love is supposed to be this glorious feeling that lifts us out of our mundane world, right? But be honest, how often as loving someone gotten in the way of your personal plans.

We love our families, extended as they might be. We love our pets. We love our “significant others,” to coin a rather outdated term. And deep down, where no one can see or hear, we love ourselves most. When everyone we love is clamoring for attention, what do we do?

This is one of the questions I posed to myself when I started the Booker Krane mystery series. In the end, one murder isn’t much different from the next. From Nancy Drew to Agatha Christie to James Patterson, a crime happens and someone solves it. The puzzle must be intriguing to hold our attention, but even Sherlock Holmes was more interesting when a lady came to visit.

The more complicated our love life gets, the more stress that gets piled on our shoulders. At least that’s what I’ve noticed. At the same time, however, “complicated” is a lot more exciting than “mundane.” And if I can survive love, then my characters need to buck up and face their own complicated lives.

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About the book

When the eager young sheriff of Grammon County softly but insistently drafts Booker Krane as a crime scene photographer, Booker agrees with only minor grumbling. After all, he’s a resident now, and he loves his new life. It took a bullet rapaciously carving up his chest to take him out of Houston and out of fraud investigation. He’d rather not get involved in a murder, but he can belly up to the job. Besides, the body floated under his own pier before his one-eyed dog dragged it ashore and laid it at Booker’s feet.

 When the first woman to tug at his heart strings since his divorce becomes a major suspect, Booker ramps up his interest in solving the case. But then his only son, who hasn’t forgiven him for the family break-up four years ago, arrives at his doorstep, and Booker’s life gets even more complicated. Bradley has finally reached out, and Booker doesn’t want to mess it up. Yet he can’t shirk his responsibility in helping to find the killer. What if the woman rapidly stealing his heart is a murderess?

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Chris Rogers2Chris Rogers Biography

A lover of art and storytelling since grade school, I opened one of my favorite books one day and wondered if I could ever write half as well as Dean Koontz or Minette Walters or Steven King. How did they create such intricate plots? I started with children’s books – after all – I was a mother … I should understand kids, right?

Well, not so much. So I wrote a romance novel – I’d been married, so I should know a little about romance.

A little was about it. A very nice rejection letter told me there was more mystery in my story than romance. So I owned up to my true calling and, when my suspense thriller Bitch Factor was published, Romantic Times magazine gave it four-and-a-half stars. Rage Factor and Chill Factor also earned high marks for the romantic thread.

The truth is, mystery and suspense novels have always intrigued me, but I also enjoy romance, science-fiction, horror and fantasy, as well as the occasional mainstream novel by such wonderful authors as E. Annie Proulx.

My literary niche, it turns out, is dark and gritty with an occasional humorous twist. If you like that sort of story, you’ll find my books and short stories thoroughly engaging.