Last week, I was in the Big Apple along with 4000 of my closest friends attending the RWA National Convention. It was wonderful and intimidating. One would think that I’d have no problem with city congestion. After all, I live and work in Houston. Right? Wrong. There is an electric buzz in New York that permeates the city – night and day. Activities abound no matter where you choose to plant your weary feet. Houston is only buzzing during the business hours and sometimes the party hours of the weekend. In New York, it’s non-stop.

The conference was fabulous-and an opportunity to see some of my writer friends and colleagues that I rarely meet (only at these conventions) — my writer family so-to-speak. This year, I had a different agenda than in years past. The last couple of years, I was focused on pitching my latest effort to publishers, agents, and potential readers. This year? It was all about education for me.

Wait – you’ve written over a dozen books, you say. What could you possibly need to learn?

LOL – Everything.

Being an author means constantly striving to be better – to perfect your voice. So–I’m curious–what did YOU learn at RWA? I’ll share mine here in a few days.