It’s November and Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet, but Christmas novels and novellas already abound. On the day after Thanksgiving in the US, we go mad for Christmas. But I was asked to write a Christmas book. Even having lived in Europe for years and England for two years didn’t tell me anything about what Christmas was like during the Regency.

As in Europe, Christmas in England was for hundreds of years a joyous time. There are a fair number of separate religious holidays leading up to the twelve days of Christmas, then almost two whole weeks of celebrations! The reason for all this was not a derivative of the Christian church, represented in most part by the Church of Rome, but an attempt by the church to convert heathens by incorporating pagan rituals into Christian celebrations. The idea was extremely successful until the middle of the 17th Century when England suffered a civil war. The fight boiled down to two groups, the Loyalists, who supported the monarchy and the Parliamentarians, or Roundheads. The Roundheads were very like the early American Puritans, who by the way disapproved of Christmas. The Roundheads despised ostentatious displays, including extravagant Christmas celebrations. During their rule, large celebrations of Christmas were outlawed. In many way, England never really recovered, at least when compared to Europe. However, some families refused to give up the old traditions.

By the time of the Regency, Christmas was celebrated more in the country side. In cities such as London, many people didn’t even take the day off from work. It wasn’t until 1843 when Charles Dickens wrote The Christmas Carol that Christmas began to gain in popularity again.

My latest book, Miss Featherton’s Christmas Prince, takes place mainly at a house party where all twelve days of the holiday are taken very seriously. Greens and mistletoe are hung, parties and balls are planned, and Christmas games such as snapdragon and charades abound, as does love.

What do you like best about Christmas?

miss featherton's christmas prince_ebookMiss Featherton’s Christmas Prince

Ella Quinn’s wealthy, titled bachelors think they’re immune to romantic notions. Yet no matter how they try to evade it, love somehow finds a way…

In the two seasons since her triumphant debut, Meg Featherton’s heart has been tested to its limits. Her first suitor: a criminal. The second, a cur. For her third act, Meg vows to leave love completely out of the marriage equation. She has set her sights on a newly made viscount whom she could take or leave. However, now she must avoid his handsome, roguish, irresistible best friend like the plague. It’s no easy feat, as they are all attending the same house party…

Damon, Marquis of Hawksworth, cannot imagine why Miss Featherton seems so damn disinterested—or why he cares so terribly much. Certainly Meg is a fine wifely prospect for a man in his position, but more than that, he finds he longs for her as he has never done for another woman. She may be determined to protect her heart, but Damon is equally set on winning her over, one delicious kiss at a time…

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She is married to her wonderful husband of over thirty years. They have a son and granddaughter, one cat and a dog. After living in the South Pacific, Central America, North Africa, England and Europe, she and her husband decided to make their dreams come true and are now living on a sailboat cruising the Caribbean and North America.

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