LINNY'S-SWEET-DREAM-LISTExcerpt from Linny’s Sweet Dream List

Linny is having lunch with her godson, Dare, and sees Jack Avery, a man she had a crush on until she saw him on a date with a much younger woman.

Dare grinned, slurped his milkshake and went to work in earnest on a foot-long sub. Six inches in, he paused and cocked his head at her. “Mom said you got canned.”

Linny eyed him. Whatever happened to respecting one’s elders? “I did,” she admitted.

“Bummer.” He patted his mouth with a napkin. “What are you going to do?”

Sipping her iced tea, Linny looked at him. The remote, ticked-off expression was gone, and his questioning look was earnest. Chewing her turkey sub, she thought about it. “I might start my own business.”

“Sweet.” He pointed at her with a limp French fry. “You should hire me as an executive. I’m going to be a business major.”

Linny smiled. “We’ll see how your performance goes. You got off to a slow start this morning.”

He pretended to bluster. “The job was complicated. There was a steep learning curve.”

Linny laughed. From the corner of her eye she saw a familiar red truck pull into a parking space beside her car. Her heart pounded and she watched him from behind her shades. If she kept her head down, Jack Avery might not see her.

But she saw him raise his brows in recognition, smile, and walk toward their table. Glancing at the muscled shoulders of the hunk across from her, he hesitated. Linny thought she saw a knowing look flicker across his face. Good grief. He thought she was a cougar, and young Dare was her boy-toy. Why should she care? He dated a nymphet. Dare gazed lovingly down at the remainder of his sub, but just maybe Jack thought his loving gaze was for Linny. She gave Dare a beguiling smile—which she knew he wouldn’t see—and tried to toss her hair back over her shoulder in the wildly sexy way they do in hair color commercials, but the tossing created a sharp pain in her neck. Trying not to grimace, she watched Jack’s face close as he walked away.

6Linny's Sweet Dream ListLinny’s Sweet Dream List

Linny’s Sweet Dream List is a Southern story about love and family, small town life and bright characters you are going to want as friends.

The book is a sunny, wholesome read. If you are ever overwhelmed by the bad news in the world, join me in Willow Hill, North Carolina where colorful characters are searching for – and finding – their happily ever afters.

Fans of Mary Kay Andrews and Dorothea Benton Frank may well enjoy Linny’s Sweet Dream List.

Linny‘s Sweet Dream List is the first of three Willow Hill novel. Two sequels to the novel, Sweet Carolina Morning and Sweet Southern Hearts – will be released later in 2016.


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Susan is a wife and stepmother. She enjoys weekend getaways with friends, reading fiction, and rummaging through thrift store and antiques stores for treasures like four dollar cashmere sweaters and amateur watercolor paintings. A dog lover, Susan has a special fondness for Lab mix rescue dogs. She and her family live in North Carolina where she is finishing up the third novel in the Willow Hill Series, Sweet Southern Hearts.

Susan graduated from James Madison University in Virginia, and holds a master’s degree from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has used her professional background as a psychotherapist and management trainer to add authenticity to her characters.


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