That’s the name of the new bundle Crimson is releasing and it includes one of my titles! I’m so excited!

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover:


Look for it in August – but wait! Don’t go…

Right now, through the end of June, Bring It On is on sale for $1.99!!! Bring It On was a Denver RWA Aspen Gold  Award Finalist.


And in July for one month only, Numbers Never Lie, my debut novel will also be on sale – so don’t miss these two. Numbers Never Lie was an Amazon bestseller in romantic suspense when it released…made it to #3!!!



Say – have you read about the flooding in Texas a couple weeks ago? Well, I was right in the middle of it. No Joke. The Brazos River was at my back door….take a look. This was the view…isn’t that crazy? This was before it rose another two feet. Fortunately, we had very little damage other than some fish at our feet, some snakes seeking high ground, and a ton of frogs singing on our doormats. The smell was pretty nasty. Take care!