I returned from Thriller Fest in New York yesterday. After spending a full day on Tuesday with nine other authors and best-selling conference honoree, Heather Graham as our MasterCraft instructor…I have renewed enthusiasm for my work. Here’s a picture of our group at the end of our session together.



Following days were spent listening to other fine authors and the literary famous before doing pitch sessions for my next book, Cemetery of Secrets.  There was a lot of talent in this group of authors so I’m humbled to be a part of the them. It was a little surprising there were no men in our group as there were a lot of male authors at the conference.

The new book is a psychological thriller with romantic elements. I’m pretty excited about it – it’s told completely in first person, present tense which is no easy task. I chose this POV to up the suspense and allow the reader into the brain of my antagonist.

New York was exciting and entertaining but I am sure glad to be home where I’m not surrounded by concrete and crowds. Ha! Still, it’s the place to go for the literary inclined since the publishing world resides there. I also spent a day touring Central Park, The NY Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Frick Museum. I was in New York a few months earlier and took in a show and other venues so this was a nice, relaxing time.

I fully expect to see some of these ladies’ work in print in the near future.