Today, my husband shared a message with me regarding a problem in a famous store chain. Apparently, a man dressed in women’s clothing entered a dressing room and began taking pictures of a woman who was trying on clothes. She screamed for help and ran out.

My husband’s text message included a link to the news article then his quite funny idea:

I have a plan…I put on a dress/wig and follow you into the bathroom, where you come out screaming and I haul ass, ditching the dress and wig on the way out. I get away.

You sue.

I meet you in Maui.

What d’ya think?

My response:

Better than the lottery. Where will you find a dress and wig in your size?

His answer:

The dress will be easier than the wig…I have a big head, may have to shop at the carpet store. Shag carpet.


Too funny.