So, today I’m lazy on blogging…and industrious on something else. I am installing a security system for someone and writing 2000 words on the MIP–a masterpiece in progress (tongue-solidly-in-cheek).  Lack of quality blogging seems to be my mode of operation lately.

That said, I found these cool blog posts in the wee hours of the morning while I was planning the above tasks and wanted to share them. You might find them useful:

If you can’t go to the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, isn’t it good to still learn something from it?

My favorite lesson–the last one. You still have to be human. A writer needs a community and you, my friends, are my online community. We also need a personal community-so don’t get so tied to the writing that you neglect to socialize. In person. And exercise. Preferably outside.

Enough about humanism and back to writing. Here’s something most of us constantly struggle with–how do you maintain a high level of creativity and productivity?

This is a post from a couple of years ago and you may have seen it, but if not–it’s very nice advice.

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Here’s wishing you the next great idea!

Have a great day.