As Thanksgiving approaches, I’m feeling a little nostalgic. We’ve had a lot of family changes this year. New additions, losses, illnesses, moves that separated us by a few more miles, new business ventures and loads more. All these things make me want to recognize all the things that matter most in my life:

  1. Family (it truly is EVERYTHING)
  2. Friends, even the ones I seldom see
  3. Sunny days
  4. Health
  5. Mind
  6. Pets who adore us no matter what our mood
  7. Spouses who try to adore us despite our moods
  8. People who DO NOT constantly lament over the recent election results, making everyone around them miserable. (Seriously, thank you so much for respecting different opinions enough to keep yours to yourself.)

Now I need to start working on goals for 2017…