Do you believe that wishes come true? Whether you admit or not, you probably silently make wishes every once in a while, with the hope they will be heard and granted. It’s the normal way to express one’s hope in the unfailing grace and kindness of life. Some call it prayer but I’m trying to keep this on a level playing field right now and appeal to every possible belief system. Wishes aren’t associated to a specific religion, they are simply throwing out an ask like you would a fishing hook, and hoping it will be picked up and hung onto by the targeted desire. Perhaps you can then reel it into your life and make it stay.

I cannot lie, I’m filled with wishes and hope. I wish on stars at night and on all sorts of things in the day. I wish for my children to be happy and have loving and full lives, and for my husband to live long and reach his dreams of success. In the past, I wished for my employees to have the same. Every time I’m in a plane, I wish for every single passenger to reach their destination safely and have happy and successful lives. I do this like clockwork before we take off and before we land. Yep—that’s exactly what I wish—don’t you dare laugh or roll your eyes. This is my routine and so far, it’s worked like a charm. As far as I know.

Why do I bother with such silliness?

Shrug. Because I can—because I want to—because it makes me feel good. I stomp my foot here…just because, okay? Why not? Read on, you doubting doubt-a-holic doubters.

So, back to those star-based wishes. One that I’ve made a few times over the years involved becoming an author for one of the major Big Six(or is it Five) Publishers and writing a NYT Bestseller that brings enjoyment to readers. Yes, I know, rather egotistical and perhaps corny. But hey, wishes are whimsical, our chance to aim for the sky (or stars) and hope we reach that lofty destination. With that in my mind, why would I wish for something simple and easy?

The powers that hear my wishes smiled upon me and said “granted” but added a “sort-of” to the deal a couple weeks ago. One of the publishers I have written for was recently purchased by Simon and Schuster so I am now officially an author for a big publishing house! Wish Granted.

I’m thrilled they successfully maneuvered a deal that will benefit their publishing house and ensure stability/opportunity for all they’ve touched, including me. This was my very first publisher and they hold a soft spot in my heart simply for taking a chance on me. I wish them the very best. I’m also excited about all the prospects this may have for the future.

Now, I will concentrate on those other wishes and let’s just see what happens. Wink.

To learn more about the deal, here’s a link to the announcement: